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Are you questioning your doctor’s treatment plans?  Does it seem like  you can never get more than 5 minutes with them?  Are they looking to solve your medical issues or are they simply prescribing medications which only put a band aid on your symptoms?  Are they following a protocol which doesn’t allow for deviation from insurance companies Standard of Care requirements?

At the Darling Center we have chosen to take a different path.  We don’t take insurance, choosing instead to partner with you rather than your insurance company on your treatment plan. 

Our practitioners start with what we call root cause analysis.  We don’t treat your symptoms…we find out WHY you have symptoms and fix it.  Some of the tools we use include genetic testing for functional deficiencies, nutritional testing for cellular deficiencies, live blood analysis, heavy metal testing, environmental toxicity testing, neurotransmitter testing, nutritional/lifestyle coaching and more!  We believe that we are an integral part of the world around us and that we interact with all sorts of organisms including bacteria, viruses, parasites and more on a daily basis. That exposure causes our immune system to continually evolve and keep us healthy.  Our goal is to show you how to become your own doctor and to let your body heal itself.

Everything about our practice is different.  The time you are scheduled is your time and the practitioners are never running from one exam room to another.  We value your time so our practitioners are aware of  keeping to your scheduled appointment time.  



Our founder, Dr. Tracy A. Darling , has always had a vision to create a medical practice that practices real medicine.  We believe that good medicine is preventive care and that patients should be a partner in their health. She has built her center around the idea of partnerships with our patients and we teach our patients to help themselves get healthy and stay healthy.  The tools we use are geared to that philosophy. 

About The Darling Center

Antoine Beauchamp, a biochemist from the 1880’s,  postulated that disease was not caused by bacteria, viruses or parasites but from  an “imbalance of the body’s mini ecosystem”, which then manifested as disease.  He thought that through the use of proper nutrition that disease could be healed.

Integrative medicine is built upon that concept.  Find the root cause of the disease and treat that, and the body will heal itself.  This is The Darling Center’s core belief.



I wish I could give this place a higher star rating than this! Dr. Tracy and staff went over and above helping my family and I went we got extremely sick. Even when we are in a whole different state, yet they made us feel like they were so close by if needed. They gave us amazing treatment that honestly I truly believe kept us out of the hospital. Dr.Tracy is so incredibly sweet and knowledgeable with everything. Dr. Tracy truly listens and cares for her patients and makes you feel like family. I highly recommend this place! Rachel L.

The staff really cares about people and especially children. We are so grateful to have found a Dr. that will put patients first. It really is so hard in these times to find a practice that is truly focused on wellness and preventive care. The darling center is a shining star in today's medical practices. Highly recommend.

Our Care Team

Dr. Tracy A Darling

Medical Director
Natalie Wilson NP

Natalie Wilson, NP

Family Practice

Laila Al Hakeem


Chris Bruckner

Certified Acupuncture Therapist
Tera Alford

Tera Alford, CnT

Nutritional Counseling

Marianne Smith , RN

Registered Nurse

Denise Webster, New Patient Coordinator


Brian Isley

Executive Director

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