Weight Management Programs


We offer several different weight management programs to fit everyone’s needs.  We have programs for those who want to quickly lose a few pounds to fit into their  swim suits,  programs for those who don’t want to calorie count and programs for those who want to lose substantial pounds and inches!

One of the issues that we often see is a person who has tried a “diet” based upon the reduction of calories without regard for the type of calories consumed.  These diets will often provide a temporary weight reduction but generally the weight comes back on very quickly.  Our programs are different.  In each of the programs you will have weekly coaching sessions with a doctor, nurse or nutritionist specifically trained in helping manage a weight loss program.  This ensures accountability for you to maximize your weight loss program.

We offer 3 basic  programs to assist you in meeting your weight management goals while providing you with a program that fits your lifestyle.  They are :

  • Nutritional  and Lifestyle Coaching with the goal of initial weight  loss and then weight management.  The length of time this program offers varies according to your personal needs.  This program will have the slowest weight loss but offers a long term weight management program. Click here to learn more about this program
  • A short term program using  two Peptides and a Keto diet to reduce body fat and lose weight.  This is a medium speed program that can reduce weight by 5 – 10 pounds in a month.  Click here to learn more!
  • hCG – This program is a 8 to 11 week program that can help you lose between 15- 30 pounds in that time frame.  It is our most restrictive program but offers the best solution for a short term weight reduction program.  We recommend that you combine this with  nutritional counseling after the program ends to ensure permanent weight loss.  After all, if you go right back to eating and lifestyle that got you there, you will end up back where you started.  Click here to learn more! 

I want to lose weight and keep it off

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