Regenerative Medicine

regenerative medicine natural treatments

What is Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine natural treatments are one of the most exciting advances in medicine in the last 20 years.  It is based upon the fact that given the right circumstances, the body can heal itself of  may injuries and wear and tear on the body.  

How does it work?

The human body has the natural ability to heal itself in many ways: 

  • A cut to the skin repairs itself
  • broken bones mend
  • a living-donor’s liver regenerates in a few weeks.

Today we have learned how to capture this naturally occurring ability to heal and apply it to a wide range of conditions.  Heart disease, stroke, diabetes and osteoarthritis are examples of chronic conditions that are long lasting and do not resolve on their own. In western medicine, symptoms care managed with medication or medical devices but do not resolve the problem.

Regenerative medicine natural treatments go beyond disease management to search for and discover therapies that support the body in repairing, regenerating and restoring itself to a state of well-being.  From prenatal surgical interventions to treatments for lifelong degenerative and disabling conditions, regenerative medicine therapies prompt the body to enact a self-healing response. These advancements in patient care across a wide range of medical specialties point to new solutions to expand and maintain optimal health and quality of life.

regenerative medicine natural treatments

Regenerative Medicine Natural Treatments - Stem Cells

Regenerative medicine natural treatments often utilize stem cells to help the body heal itself naturally.  These treatments are not FDA approved at the present time so no claims can be made as to the effacy of the treatments for a specific disease or injury.  There are ongoing clinic trials across the United States and Europe which show great promise for these treatments.  Talk with your doctor about how these may help you.  The positive results of clinical trials so far show great promise and very few if any negative side effects.

We offer treatments for the following areas:

  • Autoimmune Disease
  • Heart Disease (currently a treatment at several clinics include Mayo Clinic)
  • COPD (currently in Phase 3 clinical trials)
  • Covid  lung  damage (1 clinical underway)
  • Musculoskeletal Repair (joints)  (in use for over 10 years)

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