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I Feel Great and I Highly Recommend...

Dr Darling has been my physician for several years now. Although, I no longer live in Southern California and I have very good insurance, I prefer to see Dr Darling. My appointments are usually virtual now. Dr Darling is always thorough and extremely generous with her time. She clearly does her research. I love that she is knowledgeable in both western and alternative medicine.  I can’t imagine a better doctor for me and my family.

Laura T

I Feel so Much Better...

Dr. Darling is a wonderful physician. She is amazing at combining traditional medicine with a holistic approach and preventive care. She really knows her field of work.

Mimi B

Wonderful, Friendly and Very Pleasant Staff...

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Darling for over 5 years and my husband and I have referred many people her way. She has helped us so much. Dr. Darling is extremely thorough, she is patient and very smart. I love that she takes a natural approach to healthcare and combines it with western medicine in her practice.
I feel like I can ask her ANYTHING about my health and she not only has a quick response but one that is backed by science and research she has done.
There aren’t many medical doctors who know about diet, hormonal issues, mental health, weight loss, anxiety, general medicine AND offer all natural supplements.

Gina M

I Would Very Much Recommend This Clinic...

Dr. Darling took the place of 20 years of hundreds of doctors and was the first doctor to SEE ME , not a bag of unrelated symptoms. If you have an auto immune disease like me, she will and can help!
I am thankful everyday in one way or another that I moved out here to find her. I understood that she was  the last and only chance I had left. She understood the magnitude of what I was dealing with and future I was facing, I felt heard and understood for the first time in 20 years of chasing this! Real medicine, real care, and she is always there for her patients!
       Update: I started writing this review 2 years ago and realized I never finished it!
I am a whole and functioning woman who is contributing not only to my life but society now. I met Dr. Darling on the way down the Fibromyalgia spiral. She was the first and only doctor to understand, treat, and administer support with knowledge and care unparalleled. I went from being in the ER every other week to thriving on my own, starting a wonderful real estate career and most of all, balance and support in this very long, painful, and often frightening journey of auto immune disease.
I have since sent anyone I know, including family members to her. In my family, we simply say when things start turning, “go see Dr. Darling, she will figure it out.”
Side note: her office is like going to a beach house. Gone are the days of feeling like another cog in the medical machine.

Tara B

I Found New Energy and Happiness...

Having traveled the world and lived in several countries, I speak from experience when I say that Dr. Darling is one in a million when it comes to physicians. Her guidance and knowledge have not only kept me healthy through the pandemic while I was continually traveling, but she has improved my health, stamina and overall well-being as I entered my 50’s. She is simply the best!

Stephen B

The Caring Is What I like the Most...

Doctor Darling is amazing. Truly brilliant physician who understands how food and environment effect the body and brain….she’s great with hormones and really helped me to feel my youthful self again. I have Hashimoto’s and was going through menopause when doctor Darling did extensive blood labs and prescribed the right amount of hormones to get me back to my normal self.
She’s caring and so down to earth……doesn’t get any better

Lisa B

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