hCG Weight Release Program

Have you used every diet and “weight loss” program ever invented, only to “lose the weight” and gain it back? (By the way, when you lose something, don’t you want to go find it?) Dr. Darling’s hCG Weight Release Program is a way to re-balance hormones, shed excess weight, and help to eliminate carbohydrate cravings in one step.  She has helped over 2,000 patients meet their weight and health goals.h


How does it work?

The idea behind the program is to use Dr. Darling’s proprietary protocols without chemicals or fad diets to burn abnormal fat reserves in your body.  This weight gain occurs because of environmental toxins, eating processed foods, poor eating habits, stress, and an imbalance of the hypothalamus (in the brain). Using intermittent fasting techniques, along with a very specific diet of lean protein,  green vegetables and healthy fats for 6 weeks, the average person loses 1 pound per day (usually 30-40 pounds in 45 days), and keeps it off. 

You then have a  3 week maintenance program which resets the body so that the weight release continues. The maintenance program utilizes proven supplements to keep your body in Ketosis in order to cement the weight release while you continue the weekly coaching calls with our trained staff.  During this time you also meet with our Nutritional Therapist who helps you devise a long-term meal plan that is specific to your body type.  

We do emphasize eating only whole and organic foods. Additives like corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, MSG, artificial sweeteners, and processed foods like sugar and white flour are what got you in the position you are in now.  They cause you to crave the wrong foods, eat too much at the wrong times, and deplete your body of necessary nutrients. Often times the excess weight you are carrying is actually the last step in the toxicity process.

Dr. Darling has added to the program her own therapies and tips to insure lasting success with your body reshaping plan. These include assessing your nutritional status, removing as many medications as safely possible, balancing your body’s energy system, and addressing emotional/stress issues which no doubt are a contributing factor.